Individual, family, couple therapy

All therapy sessions are 55 - minutes long. Longer sessions are available upon request at additional charge.
$100.00 per each 55 - minute session

Internet and telephone therapy sessions

Internet and telephone therapy sessions are available upon request and last 55 - minutes. Longer sessions are also available upon request at additional charge. As insurances do not cover the cost of these sessions, private payment only is accepted.
$95.00 per each 55 - minute session

Group therapy

Groups range in subject matter and often require a 20 - minute pre-group screening, free of charge. The minimum participation to make a group is 4 group members. Groups sessions are 60 – 85 minutes long. Please contact the organizer of the group, which you are interested in attending for more information.
$35.00 per each group member per each group session


We have two options to offer:

Bundle: a package of 5 sessions. Bundles are payable in advance or at the first session.
Individual/family/couple/clinical supervision bundles: five 55 - minute sessions = $475.00
Internet and telephone therapy sessions: five 55 - minute sessions =  $470.00
Group session bundles: six 60-85 - minute sessions = $195.00 (Rates may vary based on the length of a particular group series)

Sliding scale: Each provider has two sliding scale spots. These are need-based, and given on a first come first served basis.
Our sliding scale range starts at $95.00 and goes as low as $65.00 per 55-minute therapy session


All group providers are able to accept BCBS payments as in-network for your primary insurance. In addition, Ezra is able to accept payment from Medicare as in-network for your primary insurance. Please contact your insurance agent directly with questions about your plan so you can give us the information we need to assist you in billing for your services with us. Please know we offer billing services on a limited basis. If for any reason your insurance company will not pay, we are limited in how we can help you get payment from them for the services rendered to you. We are not insurance specialists and therefore will not be able to resolve your insurance issues as effectively as your insurance company can. **Please note we are unable to accept the Blue Value plan in the BCBS network. Also we are not able to access payment from your secondary insurance if your secondary insurance company is Aetna. In this case your co payment/coinsurance will be due out-of-pocket on or before each date of service.

Clinical Supervision

This includes support in navigating the systems involved in becoming licensed. For associates of the TSH group, a discounted rate is available. Group supervision may also be available upon request at a reduced rate. Discount bundling applies.
$100.00 per 55 - minute individual supervision session

Associated services

This includes services such as reports, consultations with other professionals at your request, or lengthy telephone consultations. Fees associated with these services will be charged in 15 - minute increments.
$100.00 per 60 - minute hour

Court Involvement

For cases requiring involvement in court. Please inform your therapist of this possibility as soon as you are aware of it. This will increase chance for success.
$135.00 per 60 - minute hour minimum

Appointment change policy

Inform your therapist of your need to change a previously scheduled appointment with at least 24 - hours notice. This does not include emergency situations. Note that insurance policies do not cover missed sessions. The following fees are payed out of pocket regardless of if you have insurance. With less than 24 - hours notice, here is how it works:
1st session missed = freebee
2nd session missed = incurs a fee of $50 (half the hourly rate)
3rd session missed, and every one missed beyond this = incurs a fee of $100 (the full hourly rate)



All fees are due at or before the time of service. Payment can be made in cash or by check, made to Ezra Post. There will be a fee of $50.00 for each returned check, and a limit to the amount of returned checks accepted.