Please consider the following: we make efforts to keep our practice at a size that enables us to offer the best quality of services possible. As a result, keeping appointment slots filled and having people show up for their previously scheduled appointments is crucial to keeping the business viable; at any given time there may be another individual in need of a time slot you occupy. Providing 24 - hours advance notice of your need to change an appointment time enables us to offer that slot to someone who needs it; professional mandate requires that a policy of this nature be in place and observed equally among all clients, in order to help ensure every individual has equal access to the treatment they need. As a result we take this policy seriously and enforce it equally.

Emergencies: In select cases where there is a health emergency, sudden illness, or inclement weather where it is unsafe to travel, the fee may be waived. In these cases it is your responsibility to share your circumstances with your therapist so they can assist you in navigating this policy.

More information on our appointment change policy can be found in the new patient paperwork. You are also welcome to ask your therapist for clarification on any aspects of the policy and we will be happy to discuss it with you.