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We work

to grow presence of being in the individuals, couples, and families we have the honor of serving. Our emphasis is on diversity and inclusion of people from all races, religious and spiritual backgrounds, sex, gender, and lifestyle orientations.


The term “trauma” is often misunderstood as referring to the nature of an event or situation. More to the point, the term “trauma” refers to a state of being that happens in a part of the body called the autonomic nervous system (ANS). In plain terms, the ANS is a system of nerves that spans from the brain to the vital organs, such as the heart and lungs. When the ANS experiences an event it deems life-threatening, preparatory self-protective motor responses are engaged automatically. When these responses are prevented from being actualized, this creates a state of tonic immobilization, commonly known as "freeze". The disregulation that occurs as a result is called trauma.

Our body can manifest trauma from external and internal sources. Externally it can occur from an accident, abuse, or even from more common occurrences such as stubbing your toe in the dark. It can also occur as a result of living in a violent relationship or racist culture. Internally trauma can occur when a body memory is triggered by thoughts, physical sensations, or overwhelming emotions. It only takes the body perceiving a threat, with no recourse or support, for trauma to occur.

The term "attachment" in this context refers to a system of nerves which function to connect us with other beings and essences. This attachment system inter-connects us with all that is living. It is how a parent knows when a baby is in distress, and how we know when we feel safe or not safe around somebody. This system is another place our bodies hold the stories of our past, for better or for worse. To learn more about attachment, here is a good place to start.


There are many possible effects the body, mind, and spirit will develop, often as some kind of pattern, when harboring unresolved trauma. Here is a list of some possible symptoms:

Muscle/joint pain
Low self-esteem

IBS/GI issues
Chronic grief and loss
Feeling unmotivated/directionless

Sleep problems
Relationship problems
Sexual dysfunction
Feelings of isolation

Difficulties with focus/attention
Memory problems
Thoughts to self-harm
Mood swings

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Human connection...

is at the core of supporting the body's healing. The brain is physiologically structured to heal in connection with other human animals. Some of the techniques that have been developed within healing cultures and healing professions are specifically designed to address the type of human connection needed to facilitate the body's healing of trauma and attachment wounding. While there is no quick fix, one thing is certain, we do not have to live with it forever. With dedication and the right conditions, we can transform into our most authentic selves, learning new possibilities and potentialities for living fully.


I know people can often feel embarrassed or intimidated when considering therapy, but the caring nature and professionalism of this group put me at ease. The environment of friendly teamwork and humane understanding made my sessions downright pleasant, even when discussing very difficult or painful challenges.

- Anonymous
Verified Client

I am finally feeling like myself again! It has been so long since I felt this way. I feel so, so grateful for this work and this relationship.

- Anonymous
Verified Client

I was able to achieve the goals that were most meaningful to me. The focus was not just on “managing symptoms” but on living well. I received valuable support in developing my own unique gifts, and now feel a part of a greater community.

- Anonymous
Verified Client

I have never walked out of a therapist’s office and felt like a change had been made that would affect my behavior for good, that I was cured. My soul is peaceful. I spent the drive home forgiving my mother, myself, and apologizing to my dear friend– I am deeply thankful.

- Anonymous
Verified Client

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