Insurance terms defined:
“In-network” means our group is considered an in-network provider, and will be paid directly by your insurance company for a portion of the service fee. 

“Out of network” means you pay the full therapy fee at the time of each session, then you file a "super bill", which your clinician can furnish you with, for reimbursement. Your insurance company may or may not choose to reimburse you, or reimburse you at the rate corresponding to our group's service fee amounts. 

A “Deductible” is an amount of money you must pay out of pocket at the time of service, before your insurance company will assist you with your payments. If your plan has a deductible, it will generally require you to you to pay the full bill for a number of weeks or months until you have satisfied the deductible requirement your insurance company has set for your plan.

A "co-payment" is a portion of the service fee, which is sometimes 20% of the total accepted service fee amount. The insurance company pays the greater percentage to your service provider directly, and you are responsible for paying the co-pay at or before each therapy session to your clinician.