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You are welcome to make a financial or other type of contribution in support of our healing community. Your donation will aid the work we do, the people whom we serve, the programs we offer, and maintain all the ‘behind the scenes’ work needed to sustain the caliber of service our patrons have come to expect and enjoy. If you choose to make a donation, we ask that you do so with the knowledge that any and all donations must be made by personal choice alone, that making a donation is not a condition for receiving services with our group, and that, as a rule, we offer our services to every community member in equal measure and quality.

There are several ways you may contribute. You may do so in person to any representative of the group, to our on-site drop box on the second floor, or by mail. You have the option of making your donation anonymously or not. Either way, please be sure to clearly indicate that your gift is a donation. Checks should be made to our company president, Ezra Post.


Thank you so much for your support!