Lillian Woods Headshot .JPG

Lillian Woods, MSN, RN, CMHC Intern

Lillian comes to the clinic with a healthy amount of experience in clinical settings. For more than twenty years she was a nurse in pediatric primary care practice. Lillian encountered children with symptoms related to trauma, abuse, grief and loss, chronic illness, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Although she could prescribe medications, these did not seem to effectively heal the maladies she was trying to address. Her patients' difficulty with symptoms persisted. As a result she became passionate about learning ways to offer non-pharmacological approaches for children and families.

Lillian took multiple training opportunities to expand what she could offer. In 2010, she discovered Holistic Nursing and began studying the integrative modalities of Healing Touch (an energy medicine modality) and Clinical Hypnosis.  These studies allowed her to more fully recognize the association between the mind and body. She was led to pursue studies in counseling as a means to better assist others in achieving optimal wellbeing through integrated mental health services.

Having shifted her career aspirations and practices to counseling, Lillian feels much more equipped to integrate holistic, sustainable ways to treat the causes of symptoms. She enjoys working with adults struggling with fatigue and burn-out, challenges with career, as well as all the other issues listed above. Lillian will be completing her Masters degree at Lenoir-Rhyne University-Asheville, in Clinical Mental Health Counseling this year. 

Lillian’s interests include hiking, reading, leading groups, and attending trainings for resilience and trauma healing.  She is active in advocacy efforts for increasing equitable access to mental and physical health services.